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  • Dedicate 2-4 hours of study daily
  • Study the Questions and Answers in your IELAB 100% Accurate Materials
  • Score over 95% in IELAB Simulated Exam 5 consecutive times

IELAB has a new students pass everyday around the world!

James Zhou

  • 5 Expert Level Certifications
  • 3000+ Network Engineers world wide
  • Speciality in SP & DC Technology

Student Testimonials

Founded in 2013, Ielab is one of the biggest network training centers in Asia. We are dedicated to tutor and train network engineers. Ielab trained more than 20,000 Students by the beginning of 2020, and sat them ready to achieve their heighest career certifications.

“It does not matter where you come from, as long as we all have the same passion for network engineering”

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