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VxLAN Gateway Division

VxLAN Gateway Division Today we continue to work on VxLAN, and after understanding the basic concepts and encapsulation types of VxLAN, we understand the gateway division and deployment of VxLAN.Similar to VLAN is the VXLAN between different VNIs, and VXLAN and non-VXLAN cannot communicate directly with each other.How to enable communication between VXLAN and non-VXLAN requires VXLAN to introduce gateways.

So how do VXLAN gateways be divided?1. Two-tier gateway, used to solve the problem of tenant access to VXLAN virtual network, can also be used to communicate with the -VXLAN virtual network network network.2. Three-tier gateway for cross-network communication and access to external networks for VXLAN virtual networks.Depending on how the three-tier gateway is deployed, the VXLAN three-tier gateway can be divided into a set gateway and a distributed gateway.A centralized gateway is a centralized deployment of a three-tier gateway on one device, and all traffic across subnets is forwarded through a three-tier gateway for centralized management of traffic.Centralized gateway forwarding Figure: The advantage of this gateway forwarding is that it facilitates centralized management of cross-subnet traffic, as well as the simple deployment and management of gateways.There are also shortcomings.First, data center three-tier traffic across subnets under the same two-tier gateway needs to be forwarded through a centralized three-tier gateway.Second, because of the use of a set of three-tier gateways, the ARP table items of the terminal tenants forwarded through the three-tier gateway all need to be generated on the three-tier gateway, but because the ARP table item specifications on the three-tier gateway are limited, this is not conducive to the expansion of the data heart network.

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