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HCIE must know:VxLAN background

HCIE must know:VxLAN background

First, let us briefly introduce what is VxLAN. VXLAN is a network virtualization technology that can improve the expansion of large-scale cloud computing during deployment, and is an extension of VLAN.

Cloud computing, with its advantages in high system utilization, low manpower/management costs, flexibility/scalability, etc., has become a new form of enterprise IT construction; and in cloud computing, a large number of applications And deployment virtualization is a basic technology model. For example:

The widespread deployment of server virtualization technology has greatly increased the computing density of the data center; at the same time, in order to achieve flexible business changes, virtual machines (VMs) need to be able to migrate in the network without restriction. In fact, for data centers, virtual machine migration has become a normal business.

One server can virtualize multiple virtual machines, and one virtual machine is equivalent to one host. Host

The number has changed by orders of magnitude, which also brings many new challenges to virtual networks:

The size of the virtual machine is limited by network specifications

Network isolation capability limitation

The scope of virtual machine migration is limited by network architecture

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