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CCIE must know :MSDP basic introduction

MSDP basic introduction
MSDP, which is short for Multicast Source Discovery Protocol, is used to solve the interconnection between multiple PIM-SM (Protocol Independent Multicast Sparse Mode, protocol independent multicast-sparse mode) different domains. An inter-domain multicast solution developed. MSDP currently only supports deployment on IPv4 networks, and the intra-domain multicast routing protocol must be PIM-SM. And it only makes sense for the ASM (Any-Source Multicast) model.

MSDP can realize inter-domain multicast, and it also has the following advantages for ISPs:

  1. The PIM-SM domain reduces its dependence on RPs in other domains by relying on the RP in the domain to provide services. And it can also control whether the source information of this domain is transferred to other domains, thereby improving network security.
  2. If there are only receivers in a certain domain, there is no need to report the group membership on the entire network. You can receive multicast data only by reporting in this multicast domain.
  3. Devices in a single PIM-SM domain do not need to maintain the multicast source information and multicast routing table entries of the entire network, thereby saving system resources

After understanding the above information, why do we need to use MSDP? Briefly explain:
As the network size increases and it is easier to control multicast resources, the administrator may divide a PIM network into multiple PIM-SM domains. In this case, the RP in each domain cannot know the multicast source information in other domains. This problem can be solved through MSDP.
MSDP establishes MSDP peers between routers in different PIM-SM domains (usually on RPs), and exchanges SA (Source-Active) messages between peers to share multicast source information, and finally enables groups in the domain Broadcast users receive multicast data sent by multicast sources in other domains.

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