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CCIE must know:NFV basic concepts

CCIE must know:NFV basic concepts
The standard architecture of NFV introduced last time includes three parts: NFVI, MANO and VNFs. The goal of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technology is to provide network functions on standard servers, rather than on custom devices.

NFVI is also called NFV Infrastructure, a general virtualization layer that includes the virtualization layer (hypervisor or container management system, such as Docker, and vSwitch) and physical resources. NFVI provides the VNF operating environment, including the required hardware such as computing, network, storage resources, etc. and software including hypervisor, network controller, storage manager and other tools.
VNF: Traditional hardware-based network elements can be called PNF. VNF and PNF can be networked separately or in combination to form a so-called service chain to provide E2E network services required in specific scenarios.
The overall management and orchestration of NFV is achieved through MANO (Management and Orchestration), which is composed of NFVO (NFV Orchestrator), VNFM (VNF Manager) and VIM (Virtualised infrastructure manager).
VIM: It usually runs in the corresponding infrastructure site. It is an NFVI management module that mainly implements resource discovery, virtual resource management and allocation, and fault handling, and provides resource support for VNF operation.
VNFM: Mainly manage the life cycle of VNF, such as online and offline, status monitoring, image onboard.
NFVO: NS (Network Service, network business) life cycle management module, responsible for coordinating the control and management of the NS, the VNFs that make up the NS, and the virtual resources that carry each VNF.
OSS/BSS: The management function of the service provider is not a functional component within the NFV framework, but NFVO needs to provide an interface to OSS/BSS.

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