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CCIE Network Engineers must know:ESXi basic introduction

CCIE Network Engineers must know:ESXi basic introduction

ESXi is designed to run virtual machines and enterprise-level virtualization products. It uses a Bare-metal (bare metal or bare metal) installation method to directly install the Hypervisor on the physical machine, that is, ESXi can directly access and control Low-level resources, so the hardware can be effectively partitioned, thereby integrating applications and cutting costs, without the need to install OS first.

ESXi can be designed to minimize configuration requirements and simplify deployment. ESXi enables users to download and run virtual appliances instantly by realizing direct integration with the Virtual Appliance Marketplace. This provides a new and extremely simplified way of plug-and-play software delivery and installation.

ESXI advantages:

Integrate hardware to achieve higher capacity utilization.

Improve performance to gain a competitive advantage.

Streamline IT management through centralized management functions.

Reduce CAPEX and OPEX.

Minimize the hardware resources required to run the hypervisor, thereby increasing efficiency.

ESXi features:

1. Multiple servers can be integrated into fewer physical devices, thereby reducing the requirements for space, power and IT management, while improving performance.

2. ESXi only occupies a space of only 150 MB, but it can achieve many functions, while also minimizing the security risks of the hypervisor.

3. Adapt to any size application. It supports up to 128 virtual CPUs, 6 TB of RAM and 120 devices to meet the application requirements for virtual machines.

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