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CCIE must know :Cloud computing service type

CCIE network engineers must know

Cloud computing service type

Cloud computing is a brand new business model, and the core is still the data center. A typical feature of cloud computing is to deliver traditional IT products and computing power to users in the form of services through the Internet, thus forming a cloud computing service model.

The service model of cloud computing can be simply divided into three models: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

IaaS is also Infrastructure-as-a-Service ——– Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a service provides consumers with virtualized computing resources, storage resources, network resources, and security protection, including processing CPU, memory, storage, network and other basic computing resources. Users do not need to purchase and maintain hardware equipment and related System software, you can build your own platform and applications directly on this layer. Able to deploy and run any software, including operating systems and applications.

Well-known IaaS vendors include:

    1. IBM Blue Cloud “Blue Cloud”: The blue cloud solution is the industry’s first, and it is also a technologically leading enterprise-level cloud computing solution.

    2. Amazon EC2: EC2 is based on the well-known open source virtualization technology Xen, and mainly provides computing resources (virtual machines) of different specifications. The complete API and Web management interface of Tio are convenient for users to use.

    3. Cisco UCS: is an integrated scalable multi-chassis platform.

    4. Joyent: IaaS service based on Open Solaris technology.

PaaS is Platform-as-a-Service———Platform-as-a-Service

PaaS is a service that provides users with the development, testing, deployment and operating environment of application software. The hardware and operating system details are abstracted away and can be expanded seamlessly. Developers only need to pay attention to their own business logic, not the bottom layer. Customers do not need to manage or control the underlying cloud infrastructure, including networks, servers, operating systems, storage, etc., but customers can control the deployed applications and may also control the configuration of the hosting environment for running applications.

Common PaaS platforms include:

1. Google APP Engine: PaaS that enables users to run their own web applications on Google and infrastructure

application. Provide a complete set of development tools and SDK to accelerate application development, and provide a large amount of free credit to save users’ expenses.

2. Windows Azure Platform: PaaS product launched by Microsoft. Based on servers and networks running in Microsoft’s data center, it provides external services through the public Internet.

3. Heroku: PaaS platform for deploying Ruby On Rails applications, supporting multiple programming languages.

SaaS is Software-as-a-Service——-Software-as-a-Service

SaaS is an application mode that uses the Internet as a carrier and a browser as an interactive mode to deliver server-side program software to remote users to provide software services. On the server side, SaaS provides all the network infrastructure and software and hardware operation platforms needed for users to build informatization, and is responsible for all the early implementation and later maintenance.

Common SaaS platforms are as follows:

1. Google Apps: The Chinese name is “Google Enterprise Application Suite”, which provides multiple online office tools. The kit is inexpensive and easy to use.

2. Salesforce CRM: is an online customer management tool that provides complete IT support in the four business areas of sales, marketing, service and partners, as well as powerful customization and expansion mechanisms.

3. Office Web Apps: It is a completely free online version of Office developed by Microsoft, compatible with non-IE series browsers such as Firefox and Safari. Provide users with office anytime, anywhere.

4. Zoho: It is an online office suite. In terms of functions, it is definitely the most comprehensive. There are dozens of online tools for users to choose from, such as mail, CRM, project management, Wiki, online meetings, forums, and human resources.

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