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CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Openflow application in Vxlan

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Technology

Openflow application in Vxlan

For example, look at the application of openflow in VxLAN.

SwitchA and SwitchB are OpenFlow-compatible switching modules. OpenFlow and NETCONF connections are established between the AC controller and SwitchA and SwitchB through OpenFlow and NETCONF, respectively. The AC controller delivers the configuration related to the establishment of the VXLAN tunnel to SwitchA and SwitchB through NETCONF, so as to establish the VXLAN tunnel between SwitchA and SwitchB. The AC controller delivers all flow tables related to VXLAN services to SwitchA and SwitchB. The information contained in the flow table is the IP address and MAC address of the host. After receiving the flow table delivered by the controller, SwitchA and SwitchB perform protocol calculation based on the flow table information and generate ARP entries to guide the forwarding of packets in the VXLAN tunnel.

For the above example, we need to pay attention to:

If you need to establish a connection through OpenFlow, you need a controller and an OpenFlow exchange module that supports the OpenFlow link function.

In the case of reachability between the route and the controller, if the controller has configured OpenFlow connection parameters. And set the corresponding security policy, such as configuring keychain, or configuring SSL policy. Next, you can configure the OpenFlow Agent.

Considering that if the OpenFlow connection fails, you can use the insulation statistics of the OpenFlow connection to check whether the packet is abnormal.

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