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Huawei HCIE engineers quickly understand Smart link

Huawei HCIE engineers quickly understand Smart link

Smart Link group is also called flexible link group. In Smart link, we need to understand several basic concepts.

In smart link, the master interface and slave interface together form a smart link group. A group can contain at most two interfaces, one master interface is the master, and one slave interface is the slave. One interface is in the forwarding state and the other is in the blocking state. When both interfaces in the smart link group are up, the master is first in the forwarding state and the slave interface is in the blocked state. After the main interface fails, the switch is performed.

Huawei HCIE engineers quickly understand Smart link

When the Smart Link group performs link switching, Flush packets are used. Because the original forwarding entries will not be applicable to the new topology network, the entire network needs to be re-updated MAC entries and ARP entries. The Smart Link group sends Flush messages to notify other devices to refresh MAC and ARP entries.

When performing Flush switching, the device uses the VLAN in the smart link group for broadcasting Flush messages—sending the control VLAN, and broadcasts and sends Flush messages in the VLAN.

Similarly, if there is a sending control VLAN, there will be a receiving control VLAN. Mainly used for upstream devices to receive and process Flush messages. When the upstream device receives the Flush message, it will refresh the MAC table and ARP table.

Smart Link supports configuring multiple load sharing VLAN instances. In the case of load sharing, both interfaces are in the forwarding state. The slave interface forwards the load sharing instance traffic, and the main interface forwards the other instance traffic. When one link fails, the Smart Link group will automatically switch all traffic to the other link.

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