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HCIA network engineer must learn what is a firewall

Generally, a firewall is a network device that is built on a defined network strategy, implements access control for the network, and provides a secure access solution. In addition, firewalls are often used as network address translation devices, because they are often located at the boundary of the network, and are the boundary into the network. So, what close-up features should a good firewall have?
  1. Log record and log report sending function:
Good logging and reporting capabilities are the basic capabilities that a firewall should have. Good logging capabilities not only enable network administrators to detect whether someone is constructing an attack against their network, but also enable them to detect whether normal communications from trusted users are being used for other purposes. It is convenient for network analysis based on logs. However, a good logging function does not mean that all event information is recorded. The log report sending function, or pass-through capability, refers to not only wanting the firewall to record messages, but also enabling it to notify administrators of detected alarms in a timely manner. For example, notify the administrator through a page, email or other means, and report the degree of threat.
  1. Packet inspection and filtering functions:
Another function of the firewall is that it can inspect, audit, and even filter packets based on the configured rules without seriously affecting network communication. The firewall is usually placed on the periphery of the network, and it is the only entry point into the network. Therefore, slowing down at this critical entry point will slow down the entire network. Various factors affect the speed at which the firewall processes data.
  1. Easy to configure
Easy to configure, it can be said that all devices should have an item, and firewalls are no exception. It is very important to be able to quickly configure, set rules, find problems, and easy to operate. An easy-to-configure firewall should be able to eliminate many errors caused by installing it. Having a configuration program is very important for a firewall. The configuration program makes it easy to convert a site’s security strategy to a firewall configuration. Using the graphical network architecture as part of the configuration procedure can avoid common configuration errors.
  1. Equipment security and redundancy
If the firewall itself has problems, or is not secure enough, the impact on the network is significant. The insecure firewall itself makes it easy for attackers to break through, thus further invading the network. In order to avoid incidents against the security of the firewall itself, the firewall needs to be strengthened in the following two aspects: Operating system security: timely installation of patches or vulnerabilities is necessary for firewalls running on a separate system. Security access to the firewall for management purposes: It is impossible to prevent security problems caused by access vulnerabilities through appropriate administrative access to the firewall and setting reasonable authentication access policies. One issue related to device security is the ability to deploy another redundant firewall in the network. This redundancy allows The aid device performs the operation of the master device when the master device fails. When an attack makes the master device inoperable, redundancy also allows the network to continue to operate. IE-LAB provides valid materials(accurate dumps) to help you pass your CCIE. For the written, we have valid workbooks that cover all real exam questions. You can easily pass the exam, usually 7 days’ preparation in enough. For the Lab exam, we will offer valid workbooks(real exam), rack which is the same as real exam, one to one support, professional tutor and timely update. This article is exclusively published by James from IELAB.NETWORK and cannot be reproduced without permission. We have huge promotion going on right now, this is your best chance to get accurate written and lab materials. Get any two Cisco written dumps for 150USD only. Deposit 150USD now and enjoy 50% off for CCIE next-level lab. Get 100% accurate CCIE/ CCNP/CCNA/HCIE dumps in IELAB . Please follow us if you like our articles. visit us: http://ielab.network Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ielab.network/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ielabnetwork/ WhatsApp: +8617782638871 Skype:live:ielab.anna
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