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Analysis of CCIE EI Exam Content SD-Access Wireless

Analysis of CCIE EI Exam Content SD-Access Wireless

The integration of sd-access and wireless is involved in the EI CCIE exam, which is our focus. We have already started EI’s topic prediction and built a simulated version of EI. After the test is opened, we will complete the update of the test as quickly as possible.

SD-Access Wireless is defined as the integration of wireless access in the SD Access architecture to obtain all the advantages of structure and DNAC automation.

Some of the benefits of SD-Access Wireless are:

●Centralized wireless control plane: The same innovative RF features that Cisco has today in Cisco Unified Wireless Network (CUWN) deployments will be used in SD-Access Wireless as well. Wireless operations stay the same as with CUWN in terms of RRM, client onboarding, and client mobility and so on which simplifies |T adoption.

●Optimized distributed data plane: The data plane is distributed at the edge switches for optimal performance and scalability without the hassles usually associated with distributing traffic (spanning VL .ANs, subnetting, large broadcast domains, and so on)

●Seamless L2 roaming everywhere: SD-Access Fabric allows clients to roam seamlessly across the campus while retaining the same IP address.

●Simplified guest and mobility tunneling: An anchor WLC controller is not needed anymore and the guest traffic can directly go to the DMZ without hopping through a foreign controller.

●Policy simplification: SD- Access breaks the dependencies between policy and network constructs (IP address and VL .ANs) simplifying the way you can define and implement policies for both wired and wireless clients.

●Segmentation made easy: Segmentation is carried end-to-end in the fabric and is hierarchical, based on Virtual Networks (VNls) and Scalable Group Tags(SGTs). Same segmentation policy is applied to both wired and wireless users.

The Cisco Software-Defined Access (SD-Access) solution allows consistent performance for both wired and wireless clients, including host mobility, segmentation based on virtual networks, SGTs, and so on. Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) Center simplifies the Cisco SD-Access fabric deployment and provisioning including wireless integration. SD Access supports two options for integrating wireless access into the network. One option is to use traditional Cisco Unified Wireless Network local-mode configurations“over the top”as a non-native service. In this mode, the SD-Access fabric is simply a transport network for the wireless traffic, which can be useful during migrations. The other option is fully

integrated SD-Access Wireless, extending the SD-Access benefits to include wireless users.

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