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How to Choose between CCIE Service Provider and Enterprise Infrastructure?

CCIE Service Provider was originally an exclusive technology direction created for global service providers. Nowadays, the development of SP technology has long lost the exclusive characteristics of more than 20 years ago. Instead, with the emergence of more and more large networks, SP technology has begun to be widely used, especially MPLS VPN, BGP, L2VPN, etc. Cross-domain networks, IDC networks, data center networks, enterprise networks and other large and medium-sized networks are widely used. SP and EI are in common that they are used in large networks, whether it is an enterprise network or a core network.
How do we decide whether to take the SP CCIE or the EI CCIE?
First of all, after April 26, the SP and EI versions are brand new.
Secondly, SP’s dumps have not changed much and can be quickly stabilized. EI has changed a lot, requiring new equipment and learning new technologies.
So in the choice of CCIE direction, IELAB has the following suggestions:
• If you want to challenge yourself in the field of new technology, choose EI CCIE, IELAB has prepared a full set of experimental rack for this.
• If your financial budget is limited and you want to pass the CCIE exam as soon as possible to get CCIE certification quickly, choose SP CCIE. IELAB’s Mr.James is an expert in SP.  With his help, 95% of our customers has passed CCIE SP exam steadily. I believe we will do the same even with SP CCIEV5.0.
We have entered countdown preparation for the development of CCIE SP and EI tracks. Sign up for our next-level CCIE lab package.

 IE-LAB provides valid materials(accurate dumps) to help you pass your CCIE. For the written, we have valid workbooks that cover all real exam questions. You can easily pass the exam, usually 7 days’ preparation in enough. For the Lab exam, we will offer valid workbooks(real exam), rack which is the same as real exam, one to one support, professional tutor and timely update.

This article is exclusively published by James from IELAB.NETWORK and cannot be reproduced without permission.

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