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What you need to do before starting CCIE EI V1.0 LAB

Since the construction of the network, the network configuration has been centered on the manual device-by-device configuration method. Before, this was not a big problem, but now, this method for configuring hundreds of devices on the network has become a stumbling block for effective and rapid application delivery. With the development of network technology, the scale of the network continues to expand, and any changes implemented by humans are more likely to occur: wrong configuration, whether it is a simple command spelling error, the device has been incorrectly changed, even completely The device is lost.

How to deal with large-scale network failures in the shortest time is difficult to resolve quickly if people rely on their current methods. The solution lies in automation. Automation appears in the network field through network programmability and software-defined networking (SDN) concepts.

In order to promote the development of this new technology, Cisco launched a new EI CCIE certification this year. This is a certification worth paying attention to, it means that you have mastered the application of new technologies. And IELAB is committed to promoting talent training in this area.

There are many CCIE students in IE-LAB, because Mr. James is an experienced tutor. He obtained the qualification of Cisco certified instructor 10 years ago, and has the CCIE certification of SP, RS, DC, collab. Many students come for him, and now many students who have passed CCIE almost know James. James’ students in China often find it surprising when interviewing that the interviewer is also a student of James. Therefore, the interview has become very relaxed and easy. Students in other countries, because with the help of James, most of them passed the CCIE exam. So they became very good friends and continue to get two or three CCIE certificates with the help of James.

Because of their trust in James, many network engineers signed up for EI CCIE lab package in advance last month and this month. Because in March and April we have 50% OFF. Cisco will change to next-level ccie after Apr 26. Many people chose our service in advance which  moved us very much.

Teacher James is ready to update EI CCIEV1.0 dumps as soon as possible. If you have an exam plan and then have some free time, you should prepare for the CCIE exam in the coming months. The following are James’ requirements to improve the following abilities before you get the EI V1.0 LAB:

● Understand the multicast protocol and complete the multicast experiment

● Understand the role of QoS

● Understanding enterprise network security architecture

● Learn to use Cisco DNAC

● Understand the Cisco SD-Access solution

● Understand the working principle of Cisco SD-WAN solution

● Understand the basics of Python programming

● Learn to introduce APls in Cisco DNAC and vManage

Teacher James believes that if you complete the above tasks, then you can definitely complete the EI CCIE exam within 60 days.

Of course, you need to have enough time to practice within 60 days. Because there are always complaints about lack of time, the work is very busy. So prepare enough time before the exam, and then maintain the best communication with James. You can pass PASS quickly. This efficient test plan will save you the cost of a second or more test. If you join our EI CCIEV1.0 now, you will get a 50% OFF discount and you will save even more. It is a truly perfect plan.

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