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3 strategies to simplify complex networks

Innovative technologies such as SD-WAN, Wi-Fi 6 and 5G allow the network to do more, but it also complicates the network.Software, machine learning and automation will alleviate this problem.


As the cloud age meets the needs of digital transformation, the network must change. This means that they must become simpler for businesses.The last five years have seen more innovations than the previous 30 years ago, such as network SD-WAN, multi-cloud, ipv 6, 5G, 400 Gigabit, and edge computing are a near-term economic outlook, almost every company.Although all of these technologies enable the network to do more than ever, their complexity is also increasing.

Network engineers face the harsh reality that they have to take on the task of working faster and more accurately to reduce unplanned downtimeThe network must become easier to run, which actually requires more engineering from the vendor.

How to simplify the network


Vendors can help simplify the network by doing the following:

  • Simplify through software.In theory of “hardware irrelevance”, the swing of the pendulum is too large.Of course, this is important, especially for network connections where tasks such as deep packet inspection, routing, and other functions are still best done in hardware.However, the control and management of the hardware should be done in software, because it can serve as an abstraction layer of the basic functions in the actual box.SD-WAN provides centralized software coverage to simplify operations.
  • Machine learning based operations.The network generates a large amount of data that can be used in the operating environment.The problem is that people can’t analyze data fast enough to understand what it means, but machines can.This is where network professionals must be willing to give some control to computers.The purpose of machine learning is not to replace people, but rather to make them smarter and work faster.
  • Realize the vision of intent-based operations through purposeful automation.The long-term goal of network operations is similar to self-driving cars, where the network can operate and protect itself.But like autonomous vehicles, this technology does not yet exist.In the automotive industry, there are many automated features, such as parallel parking assistance and lane change alerts, that can make drivers better.Similarly, network engineers can benefit by automating many of the mundane tasks associated with running a network, such as firmware upgrades, operating system patches, and other things that need to be done but are not strategic.

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