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You must know about SD -WAN…(2)

Third, we need to overcome some common misunderstandings and concerns about SD-WAN.


Too complicated


Network engineers who shun SD-WAN adoption because they seem to think that this technology will require them to learn some complex new programming   languages.SD-WAN does not require you to learn some mysterious new programming languages. Because the SD-WAN sits on top of multiple WAN links and uses software-driven policies to automatically choose the best data transfer mechanism for each application, it masks complexity.


With SD-WAN, you can see the entire network. You are feeling it and seeing how it moves the connection.D-WAN keeps you ahead of the curve and you can keep up with service level agreements throughout your office. It will alleviate the huge burden on you.


too expensive


SD-WAN can be used as a SaaS, which is relatively inexpensive compared to custom DIY settings. Before you adopt it, you need to sit down and ask yourself: Can my team use a custom model to do this on its own, or can our business sign a service plan?


The SD-WAN firewall helps ensure that IT administrators gain the security and ability to identify thousands of applications on the network. It simplifies the process of defining configurations and policies for everyone, giving IT administrators the control they need to get the job done.


A simple buy is a common obstacle because it is an upfront cost. The sooner you adopt it, the better you can master things and the more value you can bring to your business.


This is a killer


SD-WAN is designed to automate decision making and centralize operations while reducing errors.


The adoption of SD-WAN is inevitable, but it requires a change in mindset. Some engineers may have to take their work to the next level, but we still need to work for people who can design and implement the network. We still need someone who can use the software.


Fundamentally, this progress is just another advance in a series of technological leap. SD-WAN software doesn’t do anything behind you, you still have control.


SD-WAN is just one of the tools you should consider.

Fourth, IT organizations need to consider the basic factors to consider when adopting or expanding SD-WAN


1.Save money

The economics of SD-WAN are reflected in avoiding expensive WAN link costs and increasing bandwidth efficiency. Since the average annual growth rate of WAN data is 20%, most organizations need more bandwidth to achieve high-speed communication to remote offices.

SD-WAN supports secure deployment of Internet links DSL, cable, Ethernet, wireless and other internet links, or in combination with expensive MPLS connections, and can replace expensive MPLS connections.On average, the internet connection provides 2 to 5 times the bandwidth of the same price MPLS connection, directly contributing to the return on investment of SD-WAN devices.


  1. Improve reliability

SD-WAN allows traffic to pass through two or more separate WAN links. As a result, IT organizations can diversify their WAN connections by contracting with multiple communications service providers to ensure a more reliable connection to their remote offices.


  1. Traffic identification and prioritization


Most organizations are rapidly moving from a hub-and-spoke WAN connection where all traffic is passed back to the central data center towards a direct point-to-point connection between the remote office and the cloud or SaaS application portal.SD-WAN enables IT organizations to set up applications and user-driven policies for priority and security. The SD-WAN recognizes the type of traffic going in and out of the branch and routes it directly to the correct data center.


  1. SD-WAN support cloudy


Most IT organizations mix internal data centers, applications in the public cloud, and users accessing SaaS applications. SD-WAN solutions are able to identify and route cloud-based traffic.SD-WAN vendors have partnered with leading IaaS providers to accelerate communication between local sites. The SD-WAN solution identifies the IP addresses of most leading SaaS providers and routes traffic accordingly.


  1. Management, Automation and Network Orchestration (MANO)


For most SD-WAN solutions, the intelligence of management, orchestration, and automation resides in a centralized data center or cloud.The management, automation, and network orchestration (MANO) consoles of centralized IT operators should be highly automated, but this often requires some learning process.SD-WAN MANO also faces some challenges to integrate into existing network and application management systems, but this is necessary for fully automated application performance management.

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