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Cloud computing security part2

Third, in order to ensure some basic cloud security should be taken to prevent

  1. Password priority

If we are talking about an ideal situation, then your user name and password for each service or website should be unique, but also to get permission. The reason is simple: If a user name and password are the same group, then when one was stolen, other accounts are also exposed.

  1. Check security issues

When you set access permissions, try to avoid those A glance answers to the questions, for example, Facebook avatar. The best way to choose a question, and the answer to this question is through another answer to the question. For example, if you select the question is “Childhood friend?” the best answer is “yellow” and the like.

  1. Try encryption method

Whether this approach is feasible, it can be regarded as a good idea. Encryption software requires efforts from the part of the user, but it is also possible to grab the code you need proof, so no one can easily get it.

  1. Password Management

Speaking of that, you may have a lot of passwords and user names need to track care. So in order to manage these passwords, you need to have an application and software on hand, they will help you do the work. One good option is LastPass.

  1. Two-factor authentication

There will be two modes of use before allowing the user access to the site. Therefore, in addition to a user name and password, the only code is essential. This code is likely to send a text message to your phone, then log in. In this way, even if others get your credentials, but they are not unique verification code, so they login will be rejected.

  1. Do not hesitate, immediately back up

When it comes to protecting data in the cloud, people were told back up the data on the physical hard disk, this may sound a little strange, but it really is you need to do. That’s why you need to think over and over again; you should back up your data directly on your external hard drive and carry.

  1. Finish is deleted

Why are there unlimited data storage options do we have trouble deleting it work? The reason is that you never know how much data will become potentially dangerous. If the message comes from a particular bank account information or warning time is too long, it has lost its value, then delete it.

  1. Locations of note

Sometimes we log the number of people from the device, far more than from your device. Of course, sometimes we will forget other people’s equipment may be under our information is saved and stored in the browser.

  1. Use anti-virus, anti-spyware

Although cloud data, but the reason for using this method is that the first time you access the cloud from the system. Therefore, if your system is at risk, then your online data will also be at risk. Once you forget encryption, keyboard monitor your cloud vendors will get the password, you will eventually lose all.

  1. always have to resist the temptation of mouth

Never share your cloud storage with others. Keeping password secret is a must. For additional protection, do not tell anyone what you all are using the vendor or service

Fourth, companies can take the following five tips to improve the security of cloud computing.

    1. Establish complete visibility

    Organization organically develop, acquire and adopt new tools that must be integrated with legacy systems, to establish new relationships with different suppliers and partners. And getting rid of duplicate data in local server and external cloud services, it is not uncommon. Increasing complexity makes it difficult to maintain a global view.

    In the survey, when 570 network security and IT professionals asked to try to protect the cloud computing workloads biggest headache problem, 43% of respondents said that the visibility of the security infrastructure by 38% respondents indicate that compliance, 35% of respondents indicated a consistent set of security policies. If you do not fully mapped and establish real-time visibility, companies can not protect their cloud computing environment, no matter how it looks.

    1. Training staff

    The vast majority of data breaches can be traced back to human error, whether it is the wrong configuration, access control bad, phishing attacks or simple error. This is the appropriate security awareness training is so important. Provide employees the information and skills in order to reduce the risk of malicious software or access unauthorized, and ensure timely reporting of potential events.

    Ensure corporate employees have the skills needed to properly configure the tools they are using, it’s just part of it. Also we need to instill good safety awareness and have very clear policies, regulations and procedures of who is responsible for a potential event. It is impossible to completely prevent the error, but the correct response can create a different world.

    1. contains security as soon as possible

    For anyone trying to protect cloud computing platform, a part of the problem is that they will usually transform the security system in the design of little consideration. Person in charge of security is often insufficient pressure to persuade the team to change their processes. Barriers between departments may lead to resentment and resistance.

    The introduction of enterprise security and eliminate barriers are part of the transition to DevSecOps, DevSecOps allow any security from the beginning of the design project. This may be an ambitious goal, but in any discussion that contains the basic principles of security is effective as soon as possible, whether it is the use of new tools, change development software, or cloud computing architecture.

    1. Continuous monitoring

    Create a snapshot of cloud computing, and precisely map the location data at any given time only basis, companies need to constantly be vigilant to deal with the problem. Data should always be encrypted, should strictly control access, monitor traffic and identify and fix the vulnerability as soon as possible.

    Companies need to continuously monitor the network, and continue to provide new information about potential threats. Ensure flagging suspicious behavior, so that you can find malicious insiders and unauthorized access. Modify or delete build a clear path to any audit data. Companies are finding problems faster, the greater the opportunity to resolve the problem.

    1. Regularly test

    Contrary to popular belief, the transfer of data to the cloud does not take responsibility transferred to the cloud provider. If data loss occurs, the company will undertake regulatory penalties, loss of user trust, and responsibilities of all other related consequences. This is why companies must conduct due diligence on partners and make sure they fully understand the reasons for the significance of compliance.

    The only way to ensure that internal and external defense work is to test the normal way. We should plan and implement regular testing program, which includes everything from penetration testing to simulate phishing attacks. Create a feedback loop and inspire emerging threats is the best way to ensure the rapid development of enterprise security systems, but do not forget to test and actionable remediation recommendations linked to the business team can make the necessary changes. Also, do not forget the security document.

    Ielab Li Qiang Wei

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