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5G new core network architecture

Existing network gateway incorporates some of the features the user plane and control plane, the 5G era, many of the delays demanding business needs or even move to the next gateway metropolitan center room, which is 20-30 times the number of gateway nodes the increase, if current gateway architecture is inevitably due to the complexity of the gateway service configuration, a significant increase in CAPEX and OPEX carrier networks. Meanwhile, if the control plane subscribe to the location, time of reporting RAT information, it will produce more circuitous signaling between sites, distributed gateway, network control plane function. A large number of distributed gateway, centralized control plane will bring significant network element interface link update and handover signaling load burden.

User plane / control plane network core simplified separation

It is necessary for the user plane gateway and control plane is separated, through a complex control logic peeling gateway control functions into a control plane logic integration. Not only can effectively reduce the distributed deployment brings cost pressures but also to resolve the circuitous routing and signaling interfaces burden. In addition, the control plane / user plane separation can also support the forwarding and control planes independent telescopic further enhance the resilience and flexibility of the network infrastructure to facilitate the centralized control logic, easier to customize network fragmentation, diversification of service industry applications; forwarding control Evolution decoupling, avoid evolution control plane brought forward face frequent upgrades. Control plane / User plane functions of the first to do weight separation peeling complex control logic functions and concentrated modular control surfaces; secondly to the core to retain the basic forwarding functions of the modeling surface, define a general model and forwarding plane object-oriented interface to implement programmable forwarding plane, supporting good scalability. After separation of control plane and user plane, the interface between the two may be employed the enhanced protocol GTP control plane based on the access type, subscription information, the programming content for a user decision business objects and atomic action, enhanced by GTP interface to send to the forwarding plane, forwarding plane sends a message to the event notification based control plane traffic characteristics.

Flexible component-based network to enable multi-service requirements

5G at times, the mobile network will carry a variety of different services, eMBB, uRLLC mMTC and the scene is not the same for each major function of the control requirements of the network, the mobile network in the existing logic control functions of tight coupling, It is not possible for a service type of a particular combination of custom control function, and therefore all different business logic will share the same set of control functions, with on-line operation and maintenance of tight coupling between numerous control functions, and interfaces to business complex, network to great difficulties. Flexible, customizable components necessary control characteristic feature of next generation mobile networks. 5G in the business-oriented network architecture, logic control functions may be abstracted into an independent functional components of the network, the network independent functional components can be flexibly combined based on business needs. Network functional components and other components in the decoupling logic functions and network features neutrality interfaces, services may be provided to other network functions by the same caller interface message, a plurality of coupling interfaces into a single interface to reduce the number of interfaces . Network Management Framework features provide network functionality registration, discovery, monitoring and other management functions, which are independent of the characteristics of the process ensures that new or upgraded network capabilities of existing network services are not affected. Compared with the conventional tight coupling network control function, the control plane architecture of assembly through a flexible arrangement and Plug and Play function greatly simplifies the on-line expansion and new business, slices 5G network enabled laid end to end architectural foundation.

Unified database management

In order to meet the reliability needs of the network function virtualization, the need to achieve user data across data centers, fast data network fault status information and other policy data recovery. Based on the traditional N + 1 backup disaster recovery mechanisms rely on proprietary signaling interaction to achieve synchronization status information, which leads to a complex and inefficient system, is not conducive to the interaction between different manufacturers products.

On the basis of the control information and data on a logically separate, network status information may be unified in a centralized database, any network functions can be accessed through a standard interface with the metadata model, and stores information related to the local dynamic user data. At the same time thanks to the distributed database synchronization technology, can achieve real-time network status information across backup data center. With the support of service management framework, unified database simplifies the assembly of the control plane function access to network information flow, reducing signaling overhead required for data synchronization.

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Lecturer: Zhao Shao Lei

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